Luxury JetCar
Luxury JetCar

Luxury JetCar

Dhs. 600.00 Dhs. 800.00
Package: Jet Car for 20mins Tour
Jet Car for 20mins Tour
Jet Car Ride (Half Hour)
Jet Car Ride (1 hour)


Do you want to have a thrilling experience in Dubai?
You should think about renting a jet car in Dubai. You can take advantage of it to discover the city like never before.
You must take a jetcar because in the City of Gold, anything is possible.
Interested in controlling a supercar replica while "driving" on the water
The time has come for it!Take advantage of the opportunity to experience driving a luxury jet car in Dubai.

■ Highlights :

• Your participation in this water activity will ensure special seaside thrills.
• Regardless of your riding skill level, Our instructors will provide you with the best recommendations and direction to ensure that you get the most out of your experience.
• You can be confident that you will be in good hands because our JetCar instructors have years of experience. No matter how inexperienced you are, our instructors will teach you how to operate a water car.

■ Important Note:

  • Valid Identification: Please carry valid identification with you.

• All prices are for 2 people
• After Sunset same Jet Ski is not allowed

Please call on this number +971528811986 at least 24 hours prior to your planned trip for confirmation of booking.

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