Red Dunes Safari
Red Dunes Safari
Red Dunes Safari
Red Dunes Safari
Red Dunes Safari
Red Dunes Safari
Red Dunes Safari
Red Dunes Safari

Red Dunes Safari

Dhs. 120.00 Dhs. 150.00
Tickets : Regulars
Platinum 4x4 VIP Package


Desert Safari Dubai is a perfect method to seek thrilling Desert rides, events, camping, and a lot of inviting activities in one spot. So if you are among the tourists seeking adrenaline-rushing events to join, then, we can help you.
Dubai has always been top choice of wanderlusts to explore the unbeatable beauty of the sea, sand, and ultra-luxurious infrastructure.
Every year, millions of tourists arrive in the city that is home to some of the best infrastructure icons of the modern era.
Desert Expedition One of the most thrilling experiences one could record in his or her travel journal as a once-in-a-lifetime memory is visiting Dubai. For a variety of reasons, it is the activity that tourists of all types prefer the most.


- 30-40 minsDune Bashing
- Certified & Expert Safari Guides.
- 360° Picture Point At Red Dunes.
- Complimentary Tea, Coffee
- Soft Drinks With Dinner.
- Camel Ride (Short Camel Ride).
- Live Entertainment Shows.
- Divergent Belly Dance.
- Egyptian Tanoura Dance
- LED Tanoura Dance Fire Show.
- International Dinner.
- Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian Menu
- Pick Up and Drop Off(sharing basis)

Highlights :

- Your trip to Dubai will be enhanced perfectly by the Red Dune Safari.
-We'll further guide you to our Bedouin-inspired campsite, which is deconstructed to the utmost simplicity, to marvel at the real desert life and reawaken your soul.
- Enjoy authentic BBQ dinner, dress in traditional Arabic attire, and watch mesmerizing belly dance performances as you immerse yourself in the culture Photographers will become enamored with the breathtaking desert scenery.

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