Single Kayak Dubai
Single Kayak Dubai

Single Kayak Dubai

Dhs. 99.00 Dhs. 125.00

* Highlights:

- We have one goal in mind to be the bridge between our ancestor's way of life and our modern-day lifestyle
- Helping people get a first-hand experience with a unique marine ecosystem that we call Al Qurm
- We take you on a journey into a whole other world
- In Sea Hawk, we aim to be mean for all nature and outdoors enthusiasts to explore and discover the beauty that Abu Dhabi has to offer whether its other mangrove forest accumulations or in land natural & heritage interactions
- being on the calm water allows you to see the unique marine ecosystem for yourself
- 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
- 1 Hour Ride
- Kayak Lightweight narrow paddling board.
- Kayaking is a very popular activity for families and great fun.

* Inclusions :

- 1 Hour Ride

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