The idea for OYEAH was conceived in 2008 by Co-founders Afnan Farouk and Other colleagues. When traveling to Singapore for a visit they found navigating a foreign city as tourists to be difficult. Drawing on that experience, a business plan was developed for a peer-to-peer Internet platform that connected tourists with amateur guides. Later, it was expanded and refined to be an internet booking platform through which travelers could book professional tours and activities in major cities around the world.
As it grew, there was difficulty in raising capital, in part because the concept was new, information on the size and complexity of the market segment was scarce, and there was no business model or demonstrable path to success, While many European investors balked at the idea, American investors were attracted to the concept, because it represented what they felt to be a good business idea, with no competition.
The business model for OYEAH stipulates that it does not offer its own tours or activities, but rather, acts as a mediator between customers and providers.
The service is free for customers, but the provider of the tour has to pay OYEAH a percentage of its revenue.
 An online customer review system enables potential customers to assess the quality of tour providers. Additionally, OYEAH removes providers who consistently get bad reviews from its inventory.
and soon after, added traditional Chinese, Arabic , and , Russian as supported languages for its global inventory.
In August 2008, OYEAH began selling tours under its own brand name.

Office locations
OYEAH maintains its headquarters in Singapore, Kazakhstan, and engineering offices in EGYPT newly additional sales offices are maintained in: ,Dubai, and willing to expand our businesses around the world.

Since 2008, OYEAH corporate headquarters have been located in Alexandria, Egypt Plans are underway for a 2008 move to Singapore.

Type of site : Privately held company
Founded : April 2008 Alexandria, Egypt
Headquarters: Singapore
Area served: Worldwide
Afnan Farouk
Gaser Aly
Key people: Afnan Farouk (CEO)  Gaser Aly (COO)

Industry: Tourism
Products : Travel Agency