Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

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Flight Experience with Popcorn Combo


Discover the true desert of Abu Dhabi by joining a bunch of adventurous people for an extreme Desert Safari experience. Drive over a pile of sand dunes with our trained driver while enjoying watching the sunset from the dunes. Welcome to the magical world of the dunes and deserts, from all of us at Abu Dhabi Desert Safari. For a luxurious vacation with your family and friends, check out one of our Arabian desert safaris.

Highlights :

- You and your family will undoubtedly love and enjoy the wide range of tourism adventures experiences that our company offers.
- Possibility of viewing breathtaking sunrises and sunsets
- See how the dunes change as a result of the desert breeze.
- Explore the smooth desert sand while dune-bashing, sandboarding, skiing, and other activities.
- Ideal for spending a relaxing evening with your family watching the sunset, going dune bashing, and having a delicious dinner
- We let you revisit the glorious beauty of the deserts through visits we have specially designed for you.
- You will remember it forever because it is a soul-renewing experience.
- Now picture yourself here, savoring the solitude and splendor of this breathtaking setting

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