Dubai Ice Rink
Dubai Ice Rink
Dubai Ice Rink

Dubai Ice Rink

Dhs. 99.00 Dhs. 150.00


Get the chance to experience authentic winter amusement and magic during any part of the year.
Enjoy a spin across the vast Olympic-size ice rink even during the most blistering months of July and August.
Perfect for all age groups with appropriate skating aids available for little ones, novices, and absolute beginners.
It�s located in the Dubai Mall which also hosts the region�s other top leisure/edutainment attractions such as Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, VR Park, Reel Cinemas, etc.

Not Included:

No Pick-up & Drop-Off
No Snacks

What to Bring:

Passport or Emirates ID
Important information
The ideal age to begin ice skating is 3 yrs. Children under 100cm must be accompanied by an adult at all times and will be given a complimentary helmet for their safety.
Please dress for winter and ensure your arms and legs are covered.
Due to health and safety and the nature of ice skating being an extreme sport, long dresses, national dress, or any trailing clothing is not allowed.
Guests are required to wear comfortable warm clothing, thick socks, and gloves.
Pregnant ladies are not allowed in this activity

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