Sea Hawk Water Sports

Dhs. 79.00 Dhs. 100.00
Package: Kayak Guided Tour
Kayak Guided Tour
Single Kayak

Seahawk is taking the lead in non-conventional environmental education


We have one goal in mind to be the bridge between our ancestors� way of life and our modern-day lifestyle Helping people get a first hand experience on a unique marine ecosystem that we call

�Al Qurm� We take you on a journey into a whole other world
In Sea Hawk we aim to be the mean for all the nature and outdoors enthusiasts to explore and discover the beauty that Abu Dhabi has to offer wither its other mangrove forest accumulations or in land natural & heritage interactions
Seing on the calm water allows to see the unique marine ecosystem for yourself

Inclusions :

1 hour Kayak
Fruits & Kayak Equipment
What to bring
Passport or Emirates ID card

Important Information

Please call on this number +971528811986 atleast 24 hours prior to your planned date for confirmation of booking.
Please Contact Us to check availability
Guided tour starts with the guest(s) signing the required consent forms
The guest(s) will be assisted in choosing the suitable paddle and will be briefed on the proper paddling methods and safety precautions along with others joining the adventure.

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